Episode 8

sarah mckay

As a small person living in a tall world, Sarah has a great story to share about finally being able to wear clothes that fit her properly.

She also wanted to get away from fast fashion so learning how to sew meant she was able to achieve both of these goals. We talk about Indie patterns she’s tried, the sewing community and what it was like attending Camp Stitch with a bunch of other Aussie sewists. Yes, it was everything you are thinking right now and then some!

Sarah's Instagram:

Some of Sarah's makes mentioned on the episode:
Kwiksew 4068 dress (the first garment Sarah made on her own!)
Pietra Pants by Closet Core Patterns
Bottlebrush Pants by Common Stitch
Tamarack Jacket by Grainline Studio (this quilted jacket took two years in the making)

Other special mentions:

Pattern-testing the Matilda dress by Untitled Thoughts
Floral Caroline pyjamas by Closet Core Patterns
Bug (Sarah's cat)
Camp Stitch in Sydney
Sarah's very first
crocheted garment and it's a beauty!
A reel of Sarah’s top 9 makes of 2020
Common Stitch ambassador makes
Minerva makes

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