Episode 11


A few years ago Shelley took a course in surface design for fun and started playing with designing fabric.

Little did she realise at the time that people would be interested in buying her fabric. This was the start of Molly Molly Fabric. In this episode we talk about designing fabric and clothing labels, drafting your own body blocks and Shelley’s bright and fun clothing style. And if you’ve ever felt like an imposter or are looking for a creative outlet which is very different from your day job, you may also relate to Shelley’s story.

Shelley's Instagram:

Shelley's website (fabric and labels):
Molly Molly Fabric

Some of Shelley's makes mentioned on the episode:
Gold Gorman skirt
Beach blocks fabric print
End of rainbow fabric print (one of Shelley's faves!)
Lips fabric print
Log dress with fabric from Ikea

Other special mentions:

Matching outfit with her dog Delilah
Helen Armstrong's book 'Patternmaking for Fashion Design'
Pattern label 'I am a f***ing boss'
Sankar affectionately known by Shelley as 'The Overachiever'
Christmas tea towels with little Shelleys all over it

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