Episode 6


Lauren and Erin Ritchie, better known as Two Sewing Sisters, are sisters from Melbourne who love sewing together. Yes, they’re sewing buddies!

They live together, sew together, sew each other’s clothes and bounce off each other for creative ideas on what to sew next. It usually comes as a vision. Sometimes quite an ambitious one. But the end result is just breathtaking. After listening to Lauren and Erin, I think you’ll be inspired to give a special occasion dress a crack.

Two Sewing Sisters Instagram:

Two Sewing Sisters website (check out the blog!):

Some of Lauren & Erin's makes mentioned on the episode:
Pale blue silk dress with hand-stitched flowers
Red tulle dress and matching hat
Hexagon dress
Edith Smock green floral dress with pattern from Pattern Union
Metallic quilted puffer jacket with fabric from Minerva (M-i-n-e-r-v-a)

Other special mentions:

Two Sewing Sisters Pinterest board
Froctober dresses photographed in a Coles supermarket
Frocktails dresses made from Spoonflower fabric with illustrations by Alexandra Nea
Family Christmas photo in matching outfits (Erin’s partner James made his own shirt!)

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